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Best Present
by The Hag

(Companion story to Crackers et al)

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I had 1500 or so words hidden on my hard drive from a few years ago, a sequel of sorts to my Discovered in the Mistletoe challenge fic from 2006-7. There's an extra 10k words here - no, I'm not sure how I got that many either.

You can read my old fic or jump straight into this one. Apart from a certain plot point involving Susan (which you find out about pretty much straight away) it stands on its own.

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Trailer is at the end of Part 2 (following)
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May I present to you - two gorgeous pictures by [livejournal.com profile] loxleyprince, who has apparently been snowed on in her part of the world, so in honour of her second pic, I shall think of our lads shooshing along the roads around her! *g*

This picture was for lucky FrancisKerst, and now shared with everyone here at Discoveredinalj.
BC CardForFrancisKerst2016(LoxleyPrince)

And how fab is this one? The lads all cosy in their jumpers, and oh for the way Doyle's holding his skiis, all confidence and competence... and I suspect some people will rather like Bodie's direct stare and the way he's stroking his gloves on. *g*
BD skiing (LoxleyPrince)

I know it's late, but I was thinking that if we do it in the comments we won't disturb our post-er tomorrow - would anyone like to play drabbles or mini-round-robin in the comments here? (I have one bugger of a work doc to finish, and I desperately need something lovely to think about, like our lads in the snow! I reckon I can manage a sentence at at time if other people help out... *g*)

And I know - this was not the Dialj-post-er that you were looking for. Today's post-er has not appeared yet, and as she went AWOL from her last calendar day, and hasn't replied to any of my attempts to remind her/check everything's okay, I'm taking the liberty of making a just-in-case post this time! She still has an hour and three quarters to slide in, and she may well be planning to do so, but I get nervy about people at this stage of the night, so... hope she doesn't mind/is happy to share! And this way, we get the lads in friends lists for the day, as promised by the comm.

And a big thank you to [livejournal.com profile] loxleyprince for saving the day with extra content!
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Okay, I can't believe that I think I've finally got this story finished! I started writing it sometime in about 2007 (maybe 2006, but certainly 2007) and since it's now 2017 that makes it a ten year old wip! It's not even "officially" novel-length (50,000 words) - though it is nearly 45,000. Anyway - posted here in parts for the length (I'll post it to A03 eventually, but that requires more mucking around with images than I have time for right now) - here is The Waters and the Wild.

It's a cross-over of sorts with the Speilberg film Artificial Intelligence (in turn based on Super-Toys Last All Summer Long by Brian Aldiss). You don't really need to know the plot of the film, and the characters play relatively minor roles in my story, but you might want to look at the trailer to get an idea of the setting and the sort of feel of things. The film and story are set in the future, the late 22nd century - so it's an AU Bodie and Doyle. *g*

The only possibly annoying news is that I have to go out in twenty minutes, and so I only have time to post the first part now - but I'll post the others as soon as I come back! Sorry about that. And I'll use links between the posts, for easy navigation - but the first won't work until I get the second up etc.

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And lastly, to wish everybody a Happy Pro-sy New New Year!

art by F.O.A.M.A.R Organisation https://www.flickr.com/photos/foamar/
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I found this Pros lover, funky muppet, on youtube. Cool stuff ahead! There are two different intro vids so enjoy both!



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I found these graphics on the net. NOT MY work but I'm sharing because they're super cool. Done by a fellow named Garry McCormack:




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It's New Year's in Lads' Time! So I have some things to share in no specific order, so here goes with post one,

A silly "fill in the face" picture that made me giggle:


And another that you "draw" the face of your choice in a Santa Hat (as in the computer does all the work!):

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Some fluffy fluff, some auld lang syne, some hope without too much expectation.

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Happy New Year!!
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Because the fifth year in a row my year mostly was a bad one, I'm using a (free) quotation originally by Albert Einstein.

If this year was a good one, look forward to the new.
Was it bad, then even more.

In this spirit Mackling, our lads and I wish you all a Happy New Year with health and luck. May all your wishes come true.

Mackling Happy New Year mit Schrift_korrigiert

Happy New Year mit Schrift Vergrößert
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My turn! My turn!

I’m sorry my contribution this year is just a single picture – between internet difficulties, LJ falling over and various other trials and tribulations, it’s all been a little tricky… yes, I always wear this tin helmet *g*

My thanks to everyone else who’s taken part – I’m way behind in commenting, but loving it all – and to [livejournal.com profile] byslantedlight for whipping us into order getting us all pointing in the same direction yet again.

So, a picture of the lads, lighting candles to push back the darkness at the end of this bloody year. Here’s to a much better and gentler year, full of love and kindness and Pros-y goodness.



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